Multicultural Arts Center Staff

Artistic Director

Najee Brown (He/Him)



As a young Afro-Latino boy growing up in Brooklyn, NY, during the early '90s, theater was an important tool that helped Najee Brown imagine a better world in the midst of increased violence due to the crack epidemic. He saw that performing arts could facilitate a safe environment, where people felt free enough to express themselves and their social justice views through storytelling on stage. In that spirit, Brown recently founded Theater For the People to provide that same outlet and opportunities for today's youth and adults, especially in cities that either lack diversity or include communities of marginalized people. He brings this entrepreneurial and creative energy now to the Multicultural Arts Center.

Managing Director

Adria Katz (She/Her)



Adria Katz is an artist and non-profit administrator in the Boston area. She has worked as a teacher, an artist, and a non-profit administrator, always with a focus on building community through the arts. She loves creating, problem-solving, and working on a team!

Marketing and Communications Manager
Zoe Langosy (She/Her)



The daughter of an artist and writer, Zoe’s creativity was nurtured at an early age. She attended Massachusetts College of Art where she earned a B.F.A. in Illustration. Over the past two decades she has produced artwork for multiple clients, including MTV; shown her artwork both internationally and nationally; worked as a visualizer for a L.A.-based fashion designer who is both a costume designer and has his own line; and held positions at various design studios and art centers as both illustrator and designer. Currently, Zoe works as a freelance graphic designer, marketing consultant, illustrator, and copy editor in addition to her role as marketing coordinator at the Multicultural Arts Center. To view Zoe’s illustration, visit:

Marketing Assistant
Fredson Sossavi (He/Him)



Fredson was born in Togo, a small nation on the African west coast. His father successfully applied for a visa as a political refugee and studied engineering in New York City. Fredson and his mother united with his father a few years later - living in Oregon, and New Mexico, before finally settling in the suburbs of Massachusetts. High school proved to be a pivotal moment for Fredson as he learned about the Harlem Renaissance. He was enamored by the leading figures's artistic exploration in literature, music, and photography, along with skills in law, finance, and engineering. Shortly after, Fredson pursued a degree in legal studies and journalism, graduating Cum Laude at Suffolk University. Yearning to learn more about the arts, he enrolled in a graduate program at Harvard's Extension School studying digital media. Today he continues to take after his heroes of the Harlem Renaissance, producing works that shed light on communities in urban areas and the stories of the people intertwined in them.

Production Coordinator
Taylor Hansen (He/Him)



Taylor is an event planner, production manager, technical director, and stage manager in and around the Boston area. He works on theater, events, dance, opera and other less qualifiable events. In 2017, Taylor launched TH.ESP Event Safety Planning, a theater and production consulting business which focuses on safety planning for small theater and independent live events ( He is a member of USITT and the Event Safety Alliance. In his spare time he works as a Disaster and Sheltering volunteer for the Red Cross.

Production Associate 

Francis Bordeleau (He/They)



Francis is a New England based artist who works across many mediums. They attend Lesley University in Cambridge, MA for illustration. They are also a lighting designer and production assistant for the Y theatre company in Salem, MA. They love classical theatre, folk music, and they have a passion for comics and storytelling through art.

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