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Krik? Krak!: A call and response in some Haitian villages between a storyteller and their audience.

Stories have been used in various ways throughout history. There's folklore that is meant to frighten and entertain. Cautionary tales that are used to guide and teach through grizzly consequences. Other stories are used to draw out emotion and can inspire one to confront a conflict with the world or with oneself. Growth and healing can be sparked by these ancestral tales.


No matter our journeys, we all have at least one story that has left a great impact on our lives. A story that has shaped our view of the world around us and ourselves. That taught us how to tell right from wrong and keep our loved ones safe. 


We are excited to showcase the visual arts portion of Creatives of Color Boston’s upcoming event, Krik? Krak!, in our virtual and physical gallery space. Whether through song, paint, dance, or poetry, we encourage you to attend this powerful virtual event on Facebook Live May 14th (An Exhibition & Panel Discussion) and May 15th (A Performance Showcase).


Tickets, and more information, can be found at the below link. Your donations help Creatives of Color Boston pay local BIPOC artists for their hard work, resilience, and beauty during these difficult times. It also allows them to continue to create opportunities and support for artists. 

Because so much of the pandemic has revolved around what we can’t do, we wanted people in the community to be able to do something pro-active. Our stories are about sharing with one another - something we can do. We have great hope for the future and we think that our stories will help us to both better understand what is happening now, show how we are coping, and give us a path to moving forward. Our day-to-day may be restricted but not our creativity, which has no boundaries.

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Cambridge: Our Town - Our Stories
on WGBH's Under the Radar with Callie Crossle
If you missed Cambridge: Our Town - Our Stories' March 12th segment on 
Under the Radar, it is now available online!

Moved to Act! Curator's Talk

Moved to Act! is an exhibition of outstanding photographers across the US that serves as an important statement of our determination and power to fight for justice for ourselves, and all people, in all our differences.


If you missed the Lunchtime Curator's Talk with co-curators Ellen Feldman & Marky Kauffmann, please click below for the full recording.


Fado — Music of Portugal

Our Sixth Interlude

Sensitive to social injustice, the history of Fado traces back to the early 1800’s but a huge resurgence happened between 1930 – 1945 through the performances of Amalia Rodrigues and others. The simplicity of Fado’s melodic structure values the voice interpretation. With a strong evocative inclination, Fado’s poetry appeals to the communion between the interpreter, the musicians and the listeners, which speaks to themes related to love, luck, individual fate, and with this recording, the city of Lisbon’s daily narrative. This recording at the Clube de Fado is typical of contemporary Fado performances in that the singer and the musicians rotate and are not introduced by name before or after the performances. There is no amplification of the singer’s voice or the instruments. Ceilings are low and the seating is intimate as reflected in this 2018 performance. The clinking of wine glasses can be heard in tandem with the incredible quiet and focused attention of audience members.

We are now accepting proposals for gallery exhibitions. Work needs to be wall mountable fine art that relates to our mission of supporting multicultural arts that help to educate the community about diversity. We also strive to support artists and groups who may not otherwise have access to a professionally equipped and accessible facility or the cultural mainstream. BIPOC artists are strongly encouraged to apply.

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