Arts & Community Dialogue Series

Presented through a partnership of the Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge Arts, and The City of Cambridge. All events in the series are free and open to the public.

Shades of Beauty: Colorism And Skin Color Values


The historical background on colorism, prejudice, and discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group is a topic of discussion in the communities of color as well as within the general population. This dialogues will use theater as a medium to both illuminate and kick-off a community dialogue on this topic.

Shades of Beauty: Colorism and Skin Color Values video by 22-CityView!

Full performance and discussion linked below

Envisioning: What Could 'Getting A Real Education' Really Mean?

MARCH 14 at 7PM

With parents, youth and educators weighing in on the topic of what types of skills children need, and how we measure those skill sets, this issue is being debated within every city and state across the US. Alternative proposals and ideas have surfaced and need to be explored if we are to raise critical thinkers who can think outside of the box and beyond the scope that can be measured by a simplistic multiple choice approach.

On The For Real Side: Why We Cling To Racism And All That Other Divisive Stuff

MAY 30 at 7PM

For some, who believe we have made significant progress in dealing with racism, things are looking better. However, for many others who believe that we still have a way to go, we need to address the ways in which we consciously and unconsciously reinforce thinking patterns and behaviors that sets us all back.

Chasing The American Dream: Immigration Stories

JUNE 13 at 7PM

Generations of newly arrived citizens have told their stories. Coming to America with nothing, but believing this to be a land of opportunity, many have done well and thrive. The more recent waves of immigrants are not experiencing America in the same way as the millions who came before them. Why? What’s changed?


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